An Alternative of Tarqiyyah Ilmiyyah for Ummahat (wifes in pesantren) and Ustadzah (woman single teacher)

The cedre of Ustadzah in female Islamic boarding schools is always full of obstacles, given their single status, so it is not certain that they will stay in the pesantren where they work.

It could be that they will match up with enterpreneur or businessmen, or ustadz from outside the pesantren, automatically their husbands will bring them.

Detaining them when pious people apply, just because the pesantren doesn’t want to lose its cadres is also not a solution. It may even increase the number of single sisters until old age, which actually adds to the problem on the other side.

The author tries to offer a solution that so far may only be underestimated, namely the clerics from the ummahat. Given their clear status as WIFE who accompanies their husband’s duties wherever they are, so the possibility of losing this ummahat cadre is relatively small.

As for tarqiyyah, what we mean can be distance lectures, in this case Mahad Aly Putri can facilitate, as well as other universities both from within the country and abroad, or online lectures that are mushrooming today.

It’s just that if online lectures must be carried out collectively, there is a person in charge to ensure the lectures run well, it can also be local tarqiyyah tarqiyyah organized by each pesantren with instructors from within the pesantren or inviting guest lecturers.

With the target after the tarqiyyahs are established, the pesantren has qualified specialist teachers in the field of study, because the output is according to the input of FAAQIIDUSY SYA’I LAA YU’THIIH. A person who does not HAVE impossible to GIVE. If we want our students to be of scientific quality, then we must have teachers good in qualified and quality.

The specialization of the field of study for the Ummahat is quite simple, because they have been teaching for many years, so their expertise is already well-known generaly in their environment.

In addition, there are many plus points for Ustadzah from the Ummahat, considering that they are old enough, meaning that they are full of the salt of life, so they are relatively wise and better able to understand the psychology of their students.

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