Energy of Fasting

In the longer days of months, during the summer when the sun burns and squeezes sweat on the forehead, that’s when Umar bin Khatab prefers to increase fasting. The long days of fasting are the days of victory for Muslims. The battle of Badr, the battle of Ahzab, the Fathu of Makkah, the battle of Tabuk, the conquest of Andalusia, the war of Ain Jalut and the victory of Saladin over the crusaders all happen in the month of Ramadan, syahrus shiyaam.

Fasting is the most nutritious nutrition for a weak soul and is controlled by impotence. Fasting is a shield for youths who are in turmoil with their sexual desires. Protecting her from the whispers of the devil that brings thoughts to wander through the appearance of their lovely woman.

The lust bridle is more strongly controlled from the stomach than eating and drinking. When the stomach is full, the eyes and genitals will be hungry. Conversely, when the stomach is hungry, the eyes and genitals will be hungry too.

So, refraining from eating, drinking and having sex or imagining women will grow the faith energy in the soul. Mental condition becomes more stable and stamina, increasing productivity, more enthusiastic in working and their work will be more useful.

Fasting is a school of the soul that is able to extinguish the embers of lust, narrow the veins that become the way for Satan to flow in the blood, break down damaged cells, cleanse hormones and rebuild the body with new cells.

Fasting will rest the digestive organs so that they are more efficient and absorb, nutrients more optimally. Makes the mind calmer, lust is more controlled and makes bad breath smell like musk, musk in the sight of Allah SWT.

Fasting makes the door of heaven open, as Allah says “By My majesty and greatness, I will help you (the fasting person) even after some time”. People who are fasting will be in goodness when they hasten to break their fast and bless their suhoor, and the door of ar-Rayyan will be wide open.

Fasting is proof of freedom from the bondage of lust. Where the delicious coconut ice and the mouthwatering aroma of stir-fried kale, the delicious breakfast of bread and butter, was left in the hope of being replaced with a piece of fruit in Heaven.

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