Knowing the Science of Ushul Tafseer

According to Fahd Ar-Rumi Is a rule and principles that build the science of tafseer whose discussion includes commentators such as conditions, manners, and also about tafseer such as rules, thuruq, methods, and others.

Or another meaning of Science is to understand the Qur’an correctly and reveal the way of misguided and deviant interpretation. And According to Musaid Ath-Thayyar is the main and scientific introduction to understand tafseer, differences, and how to associate with tafseer.

According to Musaid Ath-Thayyar, the first step to learning this science is to know the methods and ways of interpreting the ancient books, especially the tafseer salaf shalih, and the second by adhering to the rules of ushul tafseer that have been mentioned by Salaf scholars before, and not many books which perfectly discusses this discussion, most are still mixed with other discussions such as the book Al-Fauz Al-Kabir fi Ushul tafseer by Ad-Dahlawi and Dirasat fi Ushul tafseer Al-Quran.

Faidah Ilmu Ushul tafseer:

  1. Protecting the Qur’an from enemy attacks that seek to define the Qur’an.
  2. Know the correct way to interpret the Qur’an.
  3. Knowing the true rules to understand the book of Allah
  4. Examining the seriousness of Salaf scholars in serving the Al-Quran

References for the discussion of Ushul tafseer

First, tafseer Books

  1. Muqaddimah fi Ushul tafseer by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah
  2. entitled UshulAl-Fauz Al-Kabir fi Ushul tafseer by Ad -Dahlawi
  3. Ushulut tafseer by Shaykh Muhammad bin Shalih Uthaymeen
  4. Ushulut tafseer wa Qawa’iduhu by Khalid Al-‘Aak BuhutsUshul
  5. fitafseer by Muhammad Luthfi Ash-Shabbagh Dirasat
  6. fi Ushulit tafseer by Muhsin Abdul Hamid
  7. Ushulut tafseer wa Manahijuhu

Second, Introduction is written by members of tafseer in their book

  1. Introduction tafseer Ibn Katsir
  2. Introduction tafseer An-Naktul Uyuun by Al-Mawardi
  3. Introduction tafseer Ibn Jazi Al-Kalbi
  4. Introduction tafseer Jami ‘Tafasir by Raghib Al-Asfahani
  5. Introduction tafseer Al-Qasimi
  6. Introduction tafseer At-Tahrir wat

Books of Al-Quran Science

  1. Al-Burhan fi Ulum Quran by Badruddin Az-Zarkasyi
  2. Al-Itqan fi Ulum il Quran by Jalaluddin As-Suyuthi

Fourth, The Books of tafseer

  1. tafseer Imam Thabari
  2. tafseer Ibn Athiyyah
  3. tafseer As-SinqithiAsyur
  4. tafseer Thahir bin

Theme Field Ushul tafseer:

In general Fahd Ar-Rumi states that the discussion of the Science of tafseer includes rules, principles, conditions, manners and methods of interpretation. Dan Musaid Ath-Thayyar mentions the details of the themes of Ushul tafseer which he thinks are most important in this field, namely:

  1. Law and Division of tafseer
  2. Thuruq tafseer
  3. tafseer bir Ra’yi and tafseer bil Ma’tsur
  4. Principles of tafseer
  5. Thariqah / way of salaf in tafseer
  6. Reasons for disputes in tafseer
  7. Various differences in tafseer
  8. Ijma ‘in tafseer
  9. Taujih salaf words
  10. Taujih Qira’at-qira’at
  11. Uslub-uslub in tafseer
  12. Lectures Al-Quran
  13. General rules in tafseer
  14. tarjih rules in tafseer

Source: Buhuts fi Ushul tafseer by Fahd Ar-Rumi and Fushul fi Ushul tafseer by Musa’id Ath-Thayyar

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