The View of Al-Quran on Homosexuality

The deviant sexual orientation that occurs today has attracted a lot of public attention. Various cases have arisen due to this deviant behavior.

Some time ago the murder case of a man from Jombang, East Java named Ryan, who shamelessly admitted himself as a homosexual person, emerged.

And just yesterday the public was shocked by the police findings that revealed a case of a homosexual party at a gym. This police operation succeeded in uncovering 141 people from various professions.

Sexual deviation that is increasingly prevalent in society is a bad phenomenon that affects children, adolescents, and adults.

Lifestyle and free sex are one of the reasons why the level of sex deviation in society is increasing.

Homosexual law is haram and there is no dispute among scholars in this matter because the law is clearly explained in the life guidance of the Koran.

ولوطا اذ قال لقومه اتأتون الفاحشة ما سبقكم- 80>>

انكم لتأتون الرجال شهوة من دون النساء بل- 81>>

“And (We also sent) Lut (to his people). (Remember) when he said to his people: ‘Why are you doing that faahisyah deed that no one (in this world) has done before you.’ (Al-A’raaf: 80)

Surely you come to men to release your lust (to them), not to women, in fact you are a people who transgress. " (Al-A’raaf: 81)

The meaning of Fahisyah in the verse is Homosexual as explained in the next verse 81, also explained in the letter Asy Syu’ara 165

اَتَأْتُوْنَ الذُّكْرَانَ مِنَ الْعٰلَمِيْنَ ۙ - ١٦٥>>

Why do you come to the kind of men among men (homosexual act),

26: 166

and Al Ankabut 29.

اىنكم لتأتون الرجال وتقطعون السبيل ە وتأتون في- 29>>

“Is it worth you approach men, robbing and doing evil in your meeting places? " Then the answer of his people is nothing but saying, “Bring to us the punishment of Allah, if you are among the righteous.”

In the interpretation of Al-Kasyaf by Imam Zamakhsyari, it is stated that the meaning of Alfahisyah in the verse is a crime that exceeds the final limit of badness (as-sayyiah almutamaddiyah fil qubhi)

Verse: Ata’tuunal Faahisyah: a form of questioning that is denial and has very bad consequences. Because fahisyah’s actions like that were never done by anyone before the people of the Prophet Lut. So do not initiate a sinful act that has not been committed by any people in this world.

Verse: Bal antum qaumum musrifuun: The people of the Prophet Lut were people who liked to do israf, that is, to go beyond the limit in everything. Among them is to go beyond the limit in wreaking lust to exceed the limits of reasonableness and propriety. (tafseer Zamakhsyari)

In Ibn Kathir’s tafseer Regarding the word of Allah: maa sabaqakum biHaa min ahadim minal ‘aalamiin: ’ Amr bin Dinar said, “There is no man who has sex with other men, so what happens is what the people of Lut . "

Al-Walid bin ‘Abdul Malik, a Caliph Bani Umayyah, builder of the Jami’ Damascus mosque said, “If Allah had not told us the story of the people of the Prophet Lut, I would not have imagined that there would be a man who had intercourse with another man.”

Therefore, the Prophet Lut as. told them: a ta’tuunal faahisyata maa sabaqakum biHaa min ahadim minal ‘aalamiina innakum lata’tuunar rajula syaHwatam min duunin nisaa-i (“Why are you doing faahisyah [heinous deeds], which no one has ever done [in this world] before you? In fact you came to men to release your lust [to them] not to women. “)

That is, you turned away from women and what your Rabb had created for you in that woman and tended instead to your fellow men. That is transgressors and foolishness because it has put something out of place. (Tafseer of Ibn Kathir)

Hamka when explaining Surah As-Syuara: 165-166 which means “Why do you come to a kind of man among humans? “.

It is stated that the people of the Prophet Lut had left their female partners, who instinctively told them that men should channel their sexual instincts.

Human intercourse between sex is nature and sunnatullah, if it is carried out in the corridor of good morals, namely sexual relations in the umbrella of holy marriage, but what is done by the residents of Sadum, namely sexual relations or homosexuality, is not found any argument that justifies this act.

Because men prefer men, women are not given body satisfaction by men, so this kind of same-sex tendency is also prevalent among women, which has recently been known as a lesbian. You can really imagine the moral destruction of the Sadum at that time, they have provided the worst example for all human beings throughout the ages. (tafseer Al Azhar, Buya Hamkan)

Source: tafseer Ibn Katsir, tafseer Zamakhsyari and tafseer Alazhar.

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